Honorable Abba Eban – Israel The Official 25th Anniversary Commemorative Album

תקליט יד שנייה - במצב מצויין ללא שריטות
ההזמנה אינה כרוכה בתשלום.
בתום ההזמנה צוות בית התקליט יצור איתכם קשר לתיאום סופי של ההזמנה.
מחיר הפריט הינו מקסימלי וישתנה על פי מצב התקליט.


פורמט:VINYL,תקליט למכירה אונליין

Product Information

  1. Radio Broadcast On The Last Day Of The British Mandate In Palestine, May 14, 1948
  2. The Declaration Of Independence
  3. Ani Na’amin
  4. A Nazi Song, Shouts Of Seig Heill And Adolph Hitler Speaking
  5. T’ka Beshofar
  6. Artzenus Haktantonet
  7. The United Nations Session On The Prtition Of Palestine, November 29, 1947
  8. The War Of Independence: Bab-El-Wad
  9. The First President, Chaim Weizmann, Presenting The Zionist Case To The United Nations Special Committee, 1946
  10. Members Of The First Israeli Government Being Sworn Into Office
  11. Radio Interview With David Ben-Gurion
  12. Israel’s Acceptance Into The United Nations, May 11, 1949
  13. Interviews With Immigrants From Asia, Eastern And Western Europe, Africa And The United States, 1950s
  14. The Eichmann Trial, 1960
  15. Egypt’s President Nassar Explaining His Decision To Nationalize The Suez Canal, 1956
  16. Prime Minister Of Israel Ben-Gurion Outlining The Reasons For The Sinai Campaign
  17. The Sinai Campaign
  18. Interviews With Israelis In The 1960s
  19. Participants In The International Bible Competition, Jerusalem
  20. Professor Yigai Yadin, Director Of The Excavations Of Masada
  21. President Of The Weizmann Institute Meyer Weisgal
  22. President Of The United States John F. Kennedy
  23. Soviet Ambassador To Israel
  24. Dr. Kyboo, From Nigeria, Doing Post-Graduate Work At The Weizmann Institute
  25. David Ben-Gurion
  26. Prime Minister Levi Eshkol Addressing The Knesset
  27. Prime Minister Levi Eshkol Interviewed On American Television, 1966
  28. Interview With Egypt’s Nasser On The BBC, 1966
  29. Yerushala’im Shel Zahav (Jerusalem Of Gold)
  30. President Nasser Addressing Egyptian Pilots At An Air Base In Sinai, May 22, 1967
  31. Interviews With Foreign Volunteers Who Came To Israel’s Aid In May And June, 1967
  32. Defense Minister Moshe Dayan At A Press Conference, June 3, 1967
  33. The Six Day War, June 5 To 10, 1967:
  34. The Diplomatic Struggle After The Six Day War:
  35. United Nations Representative To The Middle East Gunnar Jarring
  36. Defense Minister Moshe Dayan Adressing The Egyptian Prisoners Of War At An Israeli Detention Camp
  37. Prime Minister Golda Meir, 1969
  38. United States Secretary Of State William Rogers, 1969
  39. Prime Minister Golda Meir Visiting With President Nixon In The White House, 1970
  40. Member Of Knesset Menachem Begin, Leader Of The Opposition Party, July, 1970
  41. Deputy Prime Minister Yigal Alon, 1971
  42. Cheif Of Staff General David Elazar After An Israeli Army Action, 1972
  43. General Director Of El-Al Israel Airlines, Mordechai Ben-Ari
  44. Minister Of Commerce And Industry Chaim Bar-Lev, Interviewed During A Visit To Gaza, 1972
  45. The Nobel Prize For Literature Presented To The Israeli Writer Shai Agnon, Stockholm
  46. The Young Pioneers Orchestra After A Worldwide Tour
  47. Naomi
  48. Immigration From The Soviet Union
  49. A Representative Of The Committee Dealing With Housing Problems, 1971
  50. Chairman Of The Jewish Agency And Executive Of The Zionist Organization Arieh Pincus, 1971
  51. Chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren, 1972
  52. First Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett Addressing The United Nations General Assembly, May 11, 1949
  53. Machar (Tomorrow)

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